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Here you will find all literacy works available for purchasing and upcoming favorites to look forward to. Be sure to check back frequently for all updated material and purchasing options. Enjoy!

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The Empty Man

This book is dedicated to all those males who feel they have no voice. Use these thoughts, borrow them if you must, say them out loud. They are indeed, yours.

In this book you will find a variety of poetic stories about the trials of men negotiating the waters of relationships and the ups and downs of being an empty man full of feelings with no where to share them.

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The Lawrence Conspiracy

Within these pages we delve into the magical, idellic world of the rich and famous. We explore how two identical twin girls created a family of oppulance and grandure but at what price. Journey to the foundation of how their heirs survive among the web spun by the entitled into the framework of deceit and betrayal. Enjoy the search for the colors to the painting of the Lawrence Conspiracy.

little things.jpg

Little Things

So many random little things hide like a dust bunny under our beds waiting to appear as fragmented thoughts.
Color the pages within as you see fit.
Explore all those little things and see if any of them cause you to think, or ponder their humor or memories. Enjoy.

Never Settle.jpg

Never Settle

the lonely woman.jpg

The Lonely Woman

She sits at the window bench searching the landscape as her mind embraces the freedom to roam. 

Perhaps the words play a song on your heart strings.

Though the melody may be haunting and painful, the chorus will repeat the notes of hope and kinship we all share.

The lonely woman tells so many stories. Perhaps your story is hidden within these pages.

life between the lines.jpg

This book is dedicated to all those males who feel they have no voice. Use these thoughts, borrow them if you must, say them out loud. They are indeed, yours.
Settling. Something we have all made the mistake of doing. We continue to allow ourselves the bare minimum, although knowing we are striving for more. Why do we do this? What has settling ever offered us? If you can relate, grab a chair and let me share some of my life experiences with you. How I made the mistake of settling far too often. We can enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee comparing experiences. In doing so, perhaps I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls settling makes you endure. I encourage you while reading to reflect on some of your life choices and let me help empower you to take charge of your life. Leaving settling in your past. Think of me as the friend, that knows no matter how much time passes; I will always be a phone call away. It is my desire in life to help those understand they are not alone. I too have been in your shoes and know the disappointment of not only letting someone else down but letting myself down time and time again. Without further ado, grab your favorite drink, curl up somewhere cozy, and let us begin to talk about the ins and outs of NEVER SETTLING.

Life Between the Lines

As we navigate our lives, we fall into the trap of social media. It becomes our friend, confidant and mother. Not necessarily in that order. We use Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, and text through online dates, meet and greets and any other venue that we use instead of a face to face encounter. Nowadays we put someone else's picture on the dating app questionnaire and hope, if we get a hit, that we can make ourselves look sorta, kinda like our picture. The fear of failure and acceptance for being ourselves looms large and we don't want to feel the heartbreak of no one liking us. This is a story of just such a fantasy. But, how many of us are living in that fantasy right now.

Its somebody's birthday.jpg

It's Somebody's Birthday

Loegan and Dawson are cousins. They love to play and

have many adventures together. They like to paint and

cook and explore the world as children often do. This is

their story of one simple adventure. They were talking

about birthdays and even though it was not their birthday,

they decided to celebrate by making a cake. After all, they

explained, “it’s somebody’s birthday.”

Return to Arduan

In life, what we learn we are to share and teach to others. Within our galaxy , we are to do the same. Arduan is that planet that is the twin to earth, only much more advanced. They are the farmers, to the planet Earth seedling.
Return to Arduan is the story of alien travelers who must not only continue their education here on earth, but complete their final quest to earn a way home and become, “Masters.”
Follow our students in their challenges, adapting to new adventures, and earn the right to go home. If they fail, they must remain forever on Earth, never to Return to Arduan.

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Mars Home: Beta

Join the new crew of the most advanced Starship, Tiberius. Ride along as they experience new adventures and sail the skies of the Universe to serve the inhabitants within. Be a part of the challenges of today and the resolve of tomorrow. Martians, Nephilim, Nephelines and all other species will join together to build the future or destroy their tomorrow.



What unseen entity will deter our crew? What galactic confrontations will they encounter to temper their hearts and souls?


Mars Home: Alpha

Mars Home: Alpha signals the continuance of the adventures of our stalwart heroes as they traverse the Universe. Does a new, unexpected passenger bring delight or danger? Can love bloom in the vacuum of space or does it wither and die from lack of oxygen? Will a battle of wits turn into a battle of domination? Join us as we turn the pages of the future.



Join us as we turn the pages of the future and find out if, in fact, our adventures have a future at all.


Mars Home: Theta

The standoff line in the sand was drawn. She knew her fate, her final ending. Kit knew his attempt to save her was lost. Rellik knew he had captured the prize. Would he open himself or would he take what she would not give freely? Had the demonic creature finally won?



Find out how our fearless crew withstand the possibility of losing one of their own along with the inevitable war that, if lost, would change many species way of life forever.

Coming Soon 2024

Coming Soon Neon Light

Mars Home: Delta

Long awaited sequel to the Trilogy Mars Home. More information coming soon.

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