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Return to Arduan by Dani McNeil





The transition has come so easily she could hardly believe it.  There could be felt no pain or unusual physical sensations,  there was just the mental inner peace that accompanied the transfer.

“How strange,'' she wondered.  “Why did I put this one thing off for so long?”

She had fought with the inevitable, now it all seemed so silly.

As she opened her eyes and arose off the pale printed sofa, she noticed how unfamiliar her surroundings were.  She was euphoric yet still pensive to the newness.  Softly like a hum,  the sounds began their return and she was a part of the world again…..the only difference being, she had never been here before.



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About the Author


Dani McNeil is one 4 inch stiletto shy of Leprechaun status who was born in Stoneham Massachusetts.  Educated from coast to coast, she acquired the need to write at a very young age.  Her hunger for the literary arts include: poetry, author, screenwriter, lyricist, and any venue of the written word. From fiction, science fiction, mystery, and humor, Dani brings a freshness and realistic look at what life can dish out. She doesn't stop there. She gives you examples of how to change what is, to what could be.  



Never Settle, is a very impressive and enjoyable read. While reading I experienced all the emotions on the emotion wheel. All these emotions, from sadness to extreme happiness are all due to the way the author was able to draw me in and make me take a glimpse of my own life experiences. It is obvious, to me and it will to you as well, this author has a big, beautiful forgiving heart and this book will bring out the very best in you.

Tracy Nelson

Dani McNeil is the master of showing us what is truly in our hearts. This amazing book is full of the true trials and tribulations we face in life on a daily basis. This author’s visual tale shows us how detrimental settling can be using stories and experiences of her own life with humorous tales that can't help but pull on your heart strings. But the most important lesson you will take away from this amazing book is settling, which is something we all do, is never a good idea.

Brenda Elliot

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